• The Structure Sensor

    Finding potential user groups and industry verticals

    Occipital pioneered a mobile 3D scanning device, the Structure sensor, to bring augmented reality to handheld devices.

    Who was their most valuable target audience?

    I conducted thorough and convincing research to outline a potential user base for their system.

    Skills I used: Research sprint, user interviewing, user journeys, persona building
    Deliverables: Detailed presentation of findings and research artifacts
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  • An App for Nurses

    Prototyping an app for ELL students to learn nursing vocabulary

    Nursing students have a hard enough time learning content-specific vocabulary and terminology if their native language is English.

    How can we leverage new linguistics research to dismantle the language barrier?

    I designed, prototyped and rigorously tested an application to reduce rote memorization of medical-specific vocabulary for ELL nursing students.

    Skills I used: Research and design sprinting, user interviewing, iterative designing, user onboarding analysis and usability testing
    Deliverables: Validated and tested prototypes, personas, user experience map and presentation
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  • The Architecture of Accessible Forms

    Creating a portable, semantic online form an entire team can use

    Building accessible websites and applications requires a thoughtful, planned approach to ensure the content remains at the krux of the product.

    What happens when you give a front end developer a static image of a form and ask them to code it?

    That's exactly what happened during this challenge. My task was to drill down to why elements needed to look and act the way they do and not let design detract from the user's experience or accessibility.

    Skills I used: Progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, CSS, javascript, semantic HTML5
    Deliverables: GitHub gh-pages instances of the fully coded form
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