What's my deal?

I'm a platform, framework and code-agnostic designer, programmer and researcher. Because of this, I have a unique perspective on compatibility, portability and human-computer interaction. My agency and in-house experience has taught me how to reliably identify and validate assumptions

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What's my background?

I started coding in the sixth grade, before CSS was a thing.

When I was 17, I worked at Boston University's Engineering Information Technology department and became familiar with front end and back end languages and networking. In the meanwhile, I learned C++ while attending BU.

Though Microsoft Visual Basic made me want to cry at times, this underpinning in C++ gave me a great foundation in object-oriented code that I've appreciated, to this day.

User Experience and User Interface design allows me to combine the cooperative skills I honed in my work programming with the behavioral psychology and experiential design elements that are my passion

Exposure to different programming languages and frameworks has given me a solid understanding of the opportunities and constraints between different device types and operating systems. Because of this, I can build out actionable design library systems and have them piped over to a development team in a jiffy!