What do I do?

I'm a user experience-focused full-stack developer. I write front end code to prototype components for applications and add dynamic capabilities to static designs. I've worked with migrating and managing databases and understand how objects are exposed to the front end.

More importantly, I make sure I am aware of how my decisions as a developer can make or ruin a person's day.

I just graduated from a front-end development and user experience apprenticeship at a digital product design agency, Fresh Tilled Soil.

If you're curious about all the hands-on experience I gained at my apprenticeship, click here, and I'll tell you all about it.

I get super excited about technology! I write about CSS, javascript and other tools necessary to work as part of a team that creates digital products.

It's my goal to write accessible and thoughtful code, centered around a gratifying user experience.

My recent projects can be found here.