What's my deal?

I'm a platform, framework and code-agnostic programmer. Because of this, I have a unique perspective on compatability and portability.

Click here to see projects I have worked on. If you don't, you're going to be subjected to me talking about myself, below.

What's my background?

I started coding in the eighth grade, before CSS was a thing.

When I was 17, I worked at Boston University's Engineering Information Technology department and became familiar with Bash shell scripting and networking. In the meanwhile, I learned C++ while attending BU.

Though Microsoft Visual Basic made me want to cry at times, this underpinning in C++ gave me a great foundation in object-oriented code that I've appreciated, to this day.

Later, I worked independently as an "emergency programming service", of sorts. If another programming team blew their deadline, they would call me.

Need to make that static page dynamic? Gotcha. Need to finish the filtering for those search results? Gotcha. Why do you have a post-mortem stack trace? Let's find out.

This exposure to different programming languages, CMSs, project management styles and teams is why I can make different operating systems, protocols and third-party applications play nicely with each other.